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Weight for height chart in KG

Ideal weight for Men and Women

Height and Weight are the two important parameters that tell you the health of your body. By finding the Ideal Weight for height in KG, you can determine whether you are overweight or underweight and how much weight you need to gain or lose to reach your ideal weight for your height.

In this post, you can find the accurate weight and height that a man or a woman should have to lead a healthy life.  You can also download the Weight for height chart in KG (Image and PDF format).

To have a healthy physique, we should know how to manage our weight proportional to our heights. Even a small weight loss will greatly affect the health of your body as it has a direct impact on your blood pressure and cholesterol levels of your body.

So Maintaining a healthy weight is very important for protection against obesity-related illness or disability.


The two primary parameters that have an impact on our health are the height and weight of the body. They are correlated using height and weight charts. It sets the standards for you to determine if your height and weight are in harmony.

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Men and women have different biological and physiological configurations, they have different muscle compositions and mass. Thus they need separate height and weight charts.

Use of the chart

  • You can maintain a healthy weight
  • If you are below the standard defined in the chart. You can seek professional medical help to find the reason and remedy for it.
  • If your weight is above the standard for your height. It denotes that you are at risk of several diseases and have to adopt remedial measures for weight loss.

Download Weight and Height Chart in KG and Feet (PDF)

Click here to Download Ideal Weight Height Chart in KG

Height – Weight Chart for Men

Men and women have separate charts for their anatomical and physiological differences. The height weight chart for men is given below for your reference.

Height – Weight Chart for Women

There is a separate height weight chart female designed to correlate the two components.


Weight to Height chart in KG (Download Image)

Download Weight vs Height chart in KG (Image)


In a nutshell, we should really take care of our health because it’s the biggest wealth that each one possesses. Therefore we should maintain a healthy diet in order to have a healthy life.

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