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POLICE Full Form

What is the full form of P O L I C E | Police ka full form

Full Form of POLICE:

In POLICE, that has not a particular full form. Here include some abbreviations of POLICE:

  • Public Officer for Legal Investigations and Criminal Emergencies
  • Protection OLife and Investigating Criminals Establishment
  • Protection OLaw ICase of Emergency
  • Persons OLaw Integrity Controlling Everyone
  • Protection OLife In the Civil Establishment
  •  Protection Of Life ICase of Emergency

The most appropriate abbreviation for POLICE is Public Officer for Legal Investigations and Criminal Emergencies.

Qualifications Needed to Become Police Officer

  • First, you have graduated or have a high school education or diploma.
  • The candidates must attempt an examination conducted by the government and also have the medical and physical tests 
  • The lower age limit is 18 years old and the upper age limit is 27 years.
  • Constables must pass the 12th grade, while SPs or ASPs must have a bachelor’s degree.

During their police training, police officers receive a lower salary. The official pay structure of a new police officer turns into their salary once they become official police officers.


1. What is the full form of POLICE in India?

 Protection Of Life ICase-of Emergency

2. Can I join the police without a degree?

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Yes. Graduation is not mandatory for a candidate to become a police constable. However, if you want to apply for a higher post in the police you need any degree qualification from a reputed college.

3. why do Indian police wear khaki uniforms?

A uniform in khaki is a dark color that can be easily concealed by dirt. In 1847, Sir Henry Lawrence chose Khaki as the official color for Police Uniforms after noticing its benefits. Khaki dye used to be made from tea leaves, but now it is made from synthetic dyes.


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