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ICT Meaning and Definition | Information and Communications Technology

What is the full form of ICT?

Find the Full form of ICT below.

ICT >> Information and Communications Technology.

Information and Communications Technology is one of the technical tools & services. It is an extensional term of Information Technology (IT), which is used for:

  • Operate network-based monitoring, 
  • Control the devices
  • Telecommunications
  • Smart building management systems
  • Audiovisual processing & transmission systems
  • Broadcast media, etc.

In Business organizations, the use of ICT is increasing day by day, 

ICT helps to increase productivity, bring in customers, boost up their resources, etc. 

Components of ICT

ICT is recognized as one of the technologies that enable individuals and associations to connect in the digital world. Helps with Communication technology, Cloud computing, Software, Hardware, Internet access, Data, and transaction.

Significant of ICT

  • ICT has become a basic necessity for modern society.
  • Business organizations use ICT to improve profitability, gain clients, and increase efficiency.
  • ICT introduces intelligent systems to current technologies.
  • The ICT sector has a direct and indirect impact on economic development.
  • Modern communication networks are used to improve advertising and development.
  • Many products and services rely on ICT knowingly or unknowingly.

Other ICT Full Forms:

Institute of Computer Technology Companies & Firms
Information and Computer Technology Universities
Individual and Collective Training Military
Ideal Cycle Time Electronics
Internet Communications Team Internet
Information Centre Technology General Business
Interactive College of Technology Colleges
International Container Terminal Shipping
Infection Control Team Hospitals
Instant Center Tracking Cyber & Security
Internal Charge Transfer Accounting
Immunoreactive ChemoTherapy Oncology
Institute for Counter-Terrorism Governmental Organizations

FAQs About ICT:

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