How to Arrange Fractions in Ascending and Descending Order.

How to arrange fractions in Descending order

How to Arrange Fractions in Ascending and Descending Order.

Putting the numbers in order from least to greatest, or in ascending order, is the same thing as putting them in increasing order.
First, you should count all of the numbers and write the one that is the smallest down. Then, you should compare the remaining numbers to one another to determine the following largest number and finish writing the series.


What is Descending Order?

A descending order is a sequence that begins with the greatest number of series and ends with the little or smallest number of that series. This type of order is termed a sequence.


How to Ordering a Fraction.

In mathematics, the concept of a fraction refers to the division of a collection into whole or equal parts. The order in which items are listed, beginning with the smallest and progressing to the largest, is known as the ascending order.

On the other hand, the order in which items are listed, beginning with the largest and progressing to the smallest, is known as the descending order.

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In order to accomplish this, the fractions are rewritten in such a way that they have categories that are comparable to one another and can therefore be compared.

It is possible to place an order for any kind of fraction, including appropriate fractions, improper fractions, mixed numbers, and improper mixed numbers.

eg: There is a total of 5 children.

4 out of 5 are girls. So, the fraction of girls is four-fifths ( 4⁄5 ).

3 out of 5 are boys. So, the fraction of boys is three-fifths ( 3⁄5 ).



For eg :

1)    3/4    1/2    5/6   7/12   these are fractions, how to arrange them in ascending and descending order?

But there are different denominators like 2, 4, 6, and 12.
The lowest common multiple is 12, so we go to 12, and convert fractions so that they have a common denominator of 12.

      3*3/4*3 = 9/12

      1*6/2*6 = 6/12

       5*2/6*2 = 10/12

We get these are the fractions as common denominators of 12.

ie,  9/12     6/12     10/12    7/12

writing them in accenting order.

 6/12 = 1/2

      7/12  = 7/12

      9/12  =  3/4

      10/12 = 5/6

Change these in size order like the numbers that appear in the query

in ascending order: 1/2     7/12      3/4       5/6

in descending order: 5/6   3/4       7/12       1/2


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