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Full Form of TC

Full form of TC in School

What Is The Full Form of TC

TC : Transfer Certificate. In this post include the meaning of TC, Content in TC, Documents required for TC, and Types of TC. etc.

TC full form

The full form of TC in school is a “Transfer Certificate“, also called a leaving certificate. TC is the main document signed by the headmaster/miss of a school or institution. Then only the student has fulfilled their education.

Content In TC

The main aim of a transfer certificate application, a student from an existing school or university is eligible to join other institutions. Following are some points to keep in mind while preparing the TC application:

  • Students should be very clear about the real need for a TC.
  • Students should clearly state why TC is requested when requesting it.
  • Admission to other institutions requires additional documentation, which students must submit to gain admission.
  • Give specific instructions as to the date on which the certificates are to be issued.
  • Students can do this to prevent procrastination.

Types of Transfer Certificates(TC)

  • Application for Transfer Certificate from School Principal.
  • Application for school transfer certificate has been submitted due to father’s job transfer.
  • Application letter to school principal asking for school leaving/transfer certificate of parents

Can I get my Transfer Certificate(TC) online?

 Some universities provide TC to their students online. For this, a student must first log in to the portal and click on the migration certificate link to initiate the process. Registration and online form are available on the website. The required fee and related certificate for each application can be paid online.

Other TC Full Forms:

  • Transfer Certificate (TC)
  • Ticket Check (TC)
  • Technical Communication (TC)
  • Time Check (TC)
  • Technology Consultant (TC)
  • Traffic Control (TC)


1. What is the full form of TC in school?

Transfer Certificate

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2. What does the letter Tc stand for?

Tc application is a valid certificate for joining a new school from an old school. Points to note while issuing TC: Write the details of the issuing person (School Principal) along with the name and address of the institution.

3. Documents Required For The Transfer Certificate.

Provisional/Degree certificate Final Marksheet. Fees statement (proof that you have paid the fee). Adhar Card


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