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Full Form of SLA

What is the Full Form of SLA

SLA: Service-Level Agreement

Full form of SLA

This post deeply describes the Full form of SLA, the Importance of SLA & Types of SLA.

SLA: Service-Level Agreement. An SLA is a service-level commitment between a service provider and a customer. It is a document that provides the service consumer with the performance and quality of service offered by a service provider. It covers a range of product and service performance areas such as warranties, guarantees, customer care, performance appraisal requirements, etc.

An SLA includes certain legal agreements between a service provider and a customer. Those are as follows:

  • Explain the service to be provided and its quality
  • The service performance level and provider responsibility
  • Correctly reporting and monitoring the service
  • Problem-Solving Techniques and Time Limits
  • The contingency of not meeting service expectations
  • Penalties for breach of contract and to whom those penalties are payable.

Importance of SLA In Both Parties(Customer & Provider)

SLA from the customer :

  • They can measure the type of service and its quality.
  • Customers need to check the quality of service and metrics to measure or compare it with other service providers.
  • What problems can be covered or covered by the solution part?
  • SLAs mention the customer side and their responsibilities.

SLA agreement from the provider:

  • Customer details and which service they have agreed to?
  • Status, cost of service, and duration of a service contract should be explained
  • What topics are covered and what is the time limit for reading them?
  • Explain the roles and Responsibilities of a Service Provider
  • The part they are not obligated to.

Types of SLA

There are three types of SLA:

1. Customer Level SLA: This category is prepared based on the needs and expectations of each customer.

2. Service Level SLA: It manages the same or limited types of services for its customers. 

3. Multi-level SLA: The multi-level interacts with all the above types in a single contract. It also deals with both service level and customer level under a single contract.


1. What is the full form of SLA?

SLA: Service-Level Agreement

2. Types of SLA?

Three types SLA Customer level service level multi-level

3. What does SLA mean in customer service?

SLAs on customer support services are time-based deadlines agreed to by the customer and stated in contracts or terms of service. They define the time frame within which the company must respond to various types of incoming inquiries from customers.

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