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Full-Form of DP : 

There are many abbreviations for DP, but we have mostly heard two full forms, DP in social media and DP in data processing.

1. DP in Social Media: Display Picture/Profile Picture

The full form of DP on social media is known as Display Picture/Profile Picture. Profile Picture is a new term introduced by Facebook. Social media are Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc. Those allow you to create an account to explore it. Then we can create an account and add our photos to it. That Photos are called our Display Picture (DP).

DP is one of the identification methods to understand the user. You can use any image, it does not have to be yours.

2. DP: Data Processing

Another full form of DP is Data Processing. It is a computer software technique. The purpose of data processing is to organize and manipulate huge data into meaningful information. It also helps to manage, analyze, calculate, process, and store data. 

It presents insightful output data in the form of diagrams, documents, and graphics. A wide range of applications for data processing is commercially available. A few are MS Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc.

Data Processing some processes are given below:

Validation: It is a method to ensure the safe, accurate, and useful use of distributed data.

Sorting: It helps to organize objects 

Summary: Used to reduce comprehensive data 

Aggregation: It combines many pieces of information.

Analysis: It uses advanced and highly accurate algorithms and mathematical calculations.

Classification: Helps to classify data into different groups

Other DP full forms are given below:

Data Privacy

Computer and Networking

Dial Pulse Computer and Networking
Dial Pulsing Telecommunication
Drop Point Telecommunication
Decentralized Peripheral Networking
Diagnostic Program Softwares
Developers Package Softwares
Dry Process Chemistry
Digital Performer Messaging

Design Proof

Space Science

FAQ About DP:

What is the full form and meaning of DP?

The complete form of the DP is Display Picture. This term is used in social media. The display picture is the picture you add to your profile picture.

What does DP mean in the text?

DP has several abbreviations in different fields, but the most popular abbreviation is Display picture and Data Process. Other DP full forms are listed above.

 DP in the phone?

A dpi is a unit of virtual pixels roughly equivalent to one pixel on a medium-density screen (160dpi; “baseline” density). Android translates this value into actual pixels corresponding to each other’s density.




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