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This post describes the Full Form of EVS, EVS Subjects, EVS Course Eligibility, the Importance of EVS & Carrier Opportunities.

EVS subject full form is Environmental Studies or Environmental Sciences. Our surroundings are called our environment, which is the study of them. The environmental components comprise everything that directly or indirectly supports humans’ survival. Plants, animals, and soil are living components, while soil, water, and air are non-living components. Adapting to the environment is part of the living members’ interaction with the environment.

Academic studies in EVS examine how humans interact with the environment. The built environment and the natural environment are also included in this concept. There are many degree programs in environmental studies, such as bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, etc.

What are EVS Subjects?

Besides ecology and environmental science, EVS subjects include the following related subjects:

  • Natural Resource Management
  • Pollution Control
  • Geography
  • Ethics
  • Anthropology
  • Policy
  • Politics
  • Urban Planning
  • Pollution Control

Eligibility for Join EVS Courses

The following are the minimum eligibility criteria for joining EVS studies:

  • Undergraduate courses require passing the 10+2 exam with biology as one of the subjects.
  • Eligibility for EVS post-graduate courses, the students must complete a bachelor’s degree in a science subject or similar fields.

Career Opportunities with Environmental Studies

Some of the career opportunities for EVS courses are as follows:

  • Environmental Scientist
  • Environmental Consultant
  • Activist
  • Agricultural Technologist
  • Air Quality Inspector
  • Animal Services Worker
  • Political Advisor
  • Professor
  • Remote Sensing Specialist
  • Researcher
  • Soil Scientist
  • Sustainability Development Manager
  • Teacher
  • Treatment Plant Operator
  • Urban Planner
  • Water Quality Inspector
  • Wildlife Conservationist
  • Aquaculturalist
  • Arborist
  • Botanist
  • Community Developer
  • Conservation Biologist
  • Conservation Officer
  • Ecologist
  • Eco-tourism Operator
  • Environmental Analyst
  • Environmental Communicator
  • Environmental Educator
  • Environmental Land Consultant
  • Environmental Lawyer
  • Food Cooperative Specialist
  • Food Scientist
  • Environmental Manager
  • Environmental Planner
  • Forest Resource Officer

Importance of EVS Studies

  • Sustainable living is explored through it.
  • The natural environment, it helps us understand how humans and animals behave.
  • Educating people about environmental issues helps identify them.
  • It offers ways to utilize natural resources without harming the environment.
  • As a result, people become aware of the importance of the environment and how to conserve it.


1. What are EVS subjects?

Environmental Studies is the most important subject. The purpose of this subject is to help children understand how things work and interact with each other.

2. EVS full form in the subject?

EVS stands for Environmental Studies

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